Living in Nerja for a long time

Where can I find long-term accommodation in Nerja?

There are several options to find long-term accommodation in Nerja. You can search on websites specialized in long-term rentals, such as Idealista, Fotocasa or Airbnb. You can also go to local real estate agencies that offer this type of service. Another option is to search Facebook groups or classified ads in local newspapers.

What is the average price of a long-term rental in Nerja?

The price of a long-term rental in Nerja may vary depending on the location, size and amenities of the apartment or house. In general, prices usually range between 500 and 1000 euros per month, although there may be cheaper or more expensive options depending on what you are looking for.

What does a long-term rental in Nerja generally include?

A long-term rental in Nerja usually includes the basic furniture and appliances necessary to live comfortably. Some owners also include services such as water, electricity, gas and internet in the rental price, while in other cases these expenses are borne by the tenant. It is important to read the rental agreement carefully to know what is included in the price and what is not.

Are there special offers for long-term rentals in Nerja?

Yes, some real estate agencies and owners offer discounts or special promotions for long-term rentals in Nerja. You can pay attention to offers published on specialized websites or contact owners directly to negotiate a lower price if you are renting for a long period of time.

What documents do I need to rent a long-term home in Nerja?

To rent a long-term home in Nerja, basic documentation is normally requested such as an ID or passport, a work contract or proof of income, references from previous landlords and a guarantee if necessary. Each owner or real estate agency may have specific requirements, so it is advisable to consult with them to find out what documentation you need to present.

Is it easy to find a long-term job in Nerja?

Nerja is a very popular tourist destination on the Costa del Sol, so there is usually a constant demand for personnel in sectors such as hospitality, tourism and commerce. If you have experience in any of these sectors and are fluent in Spanish, it is likely that you will find job opportunities for a long period of time in Nerja. You can search for job offers on specialized websites, on local job boards or directly in commercial establishments.

Can you work in Nerja and live in nearby areas?

Yes, it is possible to work in Nerja and live in nearby towns such as Frigiliana, Maro, Torrox or Almuñécar. These towns are well connected to Nerja through public transport, so you can easily get to work. Furthermore, living in quieter areas away from the tourist bustle of Nerja can be an attractive option if you are looking for a more relaxed environment to live.

What leisure activities can I do during a long period of time in Nerja?

Nerja offers a wide variety of leisure activities to enjoy for a long time on the Costa del Sol. You can visit the beaches and coves with crystal-clear waters, hike through the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park, practice water sports. such as paddle surfing or snorkeling, visiting the Nerja Cave or simply walking through the old town and enjoying the local cuisine. There are options for all tastes and ages, so you will not lack plans during your stay in Nerja.

hat advice would you give me to live a long time in Nerja?

To live a long time in Nerja, I would recommend looking for comfortable and well-located accommodation, exploring the local gastronomic offer and trying new dishes, integrating into the local community by participating in cultural or sports activities, learning a little Spanish to communicate better with the locals. locals, take care of the natural environment and respect the rules of coexistence in your neighborhood or community. Enjoy your stay in Nerja to the fullest!

Directly with the owner in Nerja for a long term

Renting directly with the owner for a long term can have advantages such as avoiding intermediaries and saving on commissions, having a more direct relationship with the owner of the apartment and being able to negotiate more flexible conditions. Additionally, the landlord may be more willing to fix potential maintenance or repair issues.

To rent an apartment in Nerja, I would recommend following these tips:

Research the rental market in Nerja to get an idea of the prices and characteristics of the available apartments.

Use online classified ad platforms where owners publish their apartments, such as Idealista, Fotocasa or Mil Announcements. On these pages you can find long-term apartments. or rent for months.

Contact directly the owners of the apartments you are interested in to arrange a visit and negotiate the conditions.

Be sure to review the rental agreement carefully before signing to ensure you know all the conditions and guarantees included.

Ask the owner about additional expenses included in the rent, such as community, water, electricity, etc.

Ask for references or testimonials from other previous tenants of the landlord to make sure that he is a trustworthy person.

If possible, carry out a detailed inspection of the apartment before signing the contract, to verify that everything is in good condition.

By following these tips, you will be able to find an apartment in Nerja that fits your needs and preferences, and renting directly from the owner will allow you to have a more personalized and transparent experience.

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